What You Should Avoid when Selling Period Garden City NY Homes for Sale

There are times that you will have to put your beautiful Victorian home up in the listings together with the rest of the Garden City NY homes for sale. The reasons are numerous – you may have outgrown the place, you cannot afford the living expenses, or you may need to relocate to be closer to where you work. Thanks to the reputation of this sophisticated town, you may expect to fetch a good price for that property you are listing in the market.

However, no matter how scenic or central your property’s location is, there are still a lot of factors that may lower the market value of your property. The bad news is most people who are looking to buy properties in Garden City are often backed by reputable real estate brokers who are prepared to search in every nook and cranny to spot what could lower the price in their clients’ favor.real estate

How then do you keep your hopes up for a good resell price? Read on to know what you should avoid when selling period Garden City NY homes for sale.

Hiding Period Features

If you are one of those who are selling period homes, do not hide period features. Buyers who come to Garden City know how valuable a turn-of-a-century home is, and they are willing to pay top dollar for them. However, hiding Victorian features will severely lower the price. Note that people value the artisanship of the past, and Victorian designs are rarities that may allow you to sell your house for a much higher price.

Doing Cheap DIY Replacements

It can be a huge mistake to replace an ornate window with cheap plastic vinyl frames or attempting to replace the bathroom door with a PVC one. It is understandable that the costs of everything in Garden City are high, but whatever you do, you should not skimp on replacements, especially if you are looking to resell your house. These replacements not only ruin the aesthetics of a period property and distract buyers from the still existing period features, it also figures in the costs a buyer may have in mind to replace them with better ones. That will put you at a disadvantage and will net you very few potential buyers if any.

Altering the Accommodation

In general, increasing the number of bedrooms and baths is not a bad practice, but it ruins the entire property if it is done so without preserving the existing style. While it is difficult to create additional amenities and still go with the same period architecture, buyers will also want to find a house that still possesses its original layout.

If you decided to convert the front yard into a garage, you may be ruining a beautiful landscape that is expected to complement the property. If you need a garage, you may want to consult a landscape architect whose expertise is period properties.

Adding Other “Period” Effects

A lot of people make the mistake of trying to enhance the sense of history in their property by adding more period features. However, this ultimately ruins the building, making it look ordinary and fake.

In selling Garden City NY homes for sale, experts advise against placing carriage lamps in front. They also discourage attaching chandeliers that do not belong to the same era as the house. Vintage house buyers will immediately spot them, and this may net you few potential buyers as well.

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