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These days, it is no longer enough to just have a website and / or a social media page to be able to sell on the Internet. An online merchant needs to have hits, regular visitors, and, in the case of social media, likes and shares. The credibility of an online seller is now rated by how many of these factors were met. And we do not mean just any amount of hits, visitors, or likes and shares; we mean TENS or HUNDREDS of THOUSANDS! That is now the number that is deemed acceptable for an online merchant to be deemed credible. For those who need help in this area, go to http://www.chronistsempelis.com/.

marketingWhy http://www.chronistsempelis.com/? It is basically because this website is where we can find everything we need to be oriented about when it comes to using the Internet to make money. It is run by Chronis Tsempelis, an expert online marketing consultant who has been in the business of information technology, web development, and search engine optimization or SEO for more than ten years. His write-ups almost always get ranked first on the Google search results list whenever there are queries about SEO or internet marketing. This means that the site is really a credible source of information.

The Story behind ChronisTsempelis.Com

internet-marketingThe man behind the website, Chronis Tsempelis, is a self-made expert in the SEO industry. Straight after finishing a Business Management degree from Hofstra University in New York, Chronis Tsempelis proceeded straight away to servicing those people in his neighborhood who wanted to be successful online. Some of these clients were even able to get advice for free. In a matter of months, he was able to develop SEOExplode and ExplodeSEO, websites where Chronis Tsempelis provides hands on assistance in ensuring that business sites, social media fan pages, and blogs get the promotion, hits, legit views, and eventually a loyal bunch of followers.

This business of empowering online portals has been going on for the past dozen years. Now, Chronis Tsempelis is dedicating himself to a more personal connection with his clients through http://www.chronistsempelis.com/.

What to Get from ChronisTsempelis.Com

This very interactive website promises to be very beneficial to the following groups of persons on the Web:

  •     Business-minded people who would want to conduct their business online
  •     Merchants who have been running online merchant accounts or sites for quite some time but are still lagging behind in sales targets
  •     Celebrities who would want to use social media and / or blogs to rev up their fan base

All these people can benefit from http://www.chronistsempelis.com/. Here, SEO and internet marketing expert Chronis Tsempelis will be available 24 hours a day, seven days a week for consultations and to provide guidance for those who would want to improve their online presence.

The Perks of Doing Business with ChronisTsempelis.Com

seoUpon logging on to the website, options will be given as to how they would want to get in touch with SEO professional Chronis Tsempelis. As of the moment, these options are through chat, email, or by phone through a toll-free number. Not only are the rates affordable, Chronis Tsempelis is also willing to give away up to two hundred dollars worth of internet and SEO marketing services to clients free of charge! Included in these freebies is the very first consultation. Many times, this takes ten to fifteen minutes, but even if the first consultation takes up to twenty minutes, Chronis Tsempelis is willing to give it away for free! Just go to http://www.chronistsempelis.com/ to find out how.

This website is also open to receiving partnership offers from other online merchants, be they individual or groups of companies. So, what are the perks of being a partner? Well, basically they will get to experience first hand how it is like to have their websites currently monitored and developed by an SEO expert who is known to be one of the best in the industry.

Author Bio:
Chronis Tsempelis is a seo & internet marketing consultant, he can help you to achieve success in your online marketing campaign. Visit his website http://www.chronistsempelis.com/ to know more about him.