Custom T Shirts for Cheap: How to Get Them

When you need custom t shirts cheap, you don’t have to go to bargain bins, warehouse sales, or even department stores anymore. What you really need are custom t shirts websites that offer a wide variety of shirts for customization at great prices.

What’s a custom shirts website?

tshirt A custom shirts website offers custom t shirts cheap and allows customers to either select designs from a prepared database of designs, or from their own hard drives, should they have designs or images they want printed ready.

Having t shirts customized has become so easy today that you no longer need to rely on silkscreen and other manual methods of imprinting on shirts.

Custom printing companies now print directly on shirts, making customization fun, easy, and best of all, cost effective. The speed at which shirts can also be manufactured has also increased because automatic shirt printing means reduced drying times for the fabric and a lot of more choice when it comes to what design will actually be printed on the fabric.

Ideally, you should be able to select different kinds of shirts from the same website, and uploading your design (should you have your own) should be easy, too. In case you don’t have your own design, there should also be the option of selecting designs from an existing collection of shirt designs.

Don’t worry: if you don’t know much about editing images, there is usually an option to modify existing template designs so you can add additional images or lines of text.

The tricky part is to make sure that the template design still looks good once you have added the elements. But that’s the purpose of doing things digitally: you can always undo modifications whenever you need to, and there is no need to run test prints on shirts because the shirt can be virtually ‘printed’ onto a shirt using the customization software.

How do you create a design for custom t shirts?

The simplest method, still, is to select template designs from a custom shirts website’s database and use those as your own designs.

You can also select existing template designs and modify them with text or additional images. If you do not have the time or the technical know how to use digital image editing software, then this is the best way to get good results.

However, if you are feeling more artistic and you want a design that has more of your creative DNA in it, then you can digitally create your own design, enhance that, and upload it to the custom t shirts website so that can be printed instead. Take note however that the canvas that you will be working on will not be your typical canvas because the canvas will be worn eventually.

The goal is simple; the design that you will be uploading should look good once it has been printed onto a shirt. It doesn’t matter for what purpose the design is for, it has to look good once rendered on the fabric.

Luckily, shirt customization software allows customers to upload and project designs first before any printing is actually done. This reduces errors and ensures that that you will get the best possible appearance the first time around.

Where can custom t shirt be used?

Custom t shirts can be used for almost any kind of purpose. The most popular one of course is personal branding, or creating custom t shirts cheap so the wearer can communicate his lifestyle or even philosophy to the world more easily. There is just something about a unique t shirt design that makes people recall the content of the shirt more easily.

This is probably the reason why a lot of businesses all over the world use custom promotional shirts to promote their businesses locally. It’s the same impact, only used for a different intent or purpose.

tshirtThe third most popular use for custom t shirts done cheap is to make special events or occasions more memorable. Whether it’s a business’ anniversary or someone’s birthday, custom shirts are popular because these continually remind people of the event, that there is something grand happening, and people should be fully engaged in the event or occasion.

The fourth popular use for custom t shirts is to promote clubs and organizations. Having a club shirt makes people more attached to the club, and they can feel that they really belong to a group that shares their interests or passions in life.

Organization shirts give people a sense of purpose and remind them of their role in the organization. In the workplace this definitely works, as people are constantly reminded that their uniform signifies their responsibilities while at work.

Can you sell your design with custom t shirts?

Definitely, yes! If you are already artistic and have been creating great designs by hand or digitally for some time now, perhaps it is time that you ventured into actually marketing your designs to people, so they can wear it on shirts? Custom t shirts websites can help budding entrepreneur-artists by offering t shirts that are cheaper by the dozen.

The ability to upload your own designs also makes it easier for artists to increase their inventory and offer more choices to people. More choices means more sales in the long term, so starting your sojourn into selling your own designs earlier makes a lot of sense.

What should you remember when creating custom designs?

If you are creating custom t shirts cheap with the help of custom print websites, then our most important piece of advice for you would be to always keep your customers’ tastes in mind.

That is, if you want to sell your designs quickly. Of course, you have to be happy, still, with the output because if you don’t like your designs, you can’t expect other people to like it. You have to strike the balance between giving people what they want, and following your heart when designing shirts.